Thursday, May 26, 2011

Spirit Rover Lost

Mars Spirit rover
The now lost Spirit rover mission, initially planned to last 90 days, landed on Mars in January 2004 and sent data back to Earth for more than six years.

However, with two damaged drive wheels and getting stuck in the sand in May 2009 and with its solar panels facing away from the sun, the Spirit rover did not have sufficient power to operate its internal heaters and didn't survive the bitter Martian winter where temperatures dropped to minus 67 degrees Farenheit.

No contact from Spirit rover

Last communication with the Mars Spirit rover was March 22nd, 2010. Despite efforts to regain communication over the past several months NASA officials have decided it is a lost cause and will be *closing the book* on the mission this week.

The Spirit rover twin, Opportunity, is still functioning on the other side of the planet and has travelled over 18 miles since its arrival in 2004 and is on its way to Endeavour Crater.

More information about the Mars Spirit rover and other rover missions can be found here.

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