Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Star Trek - 2009

NCC-1701 original
I confess to being a Trekkie from way back so I *had* to see the new Star Trek movie. I thought they did a great job. The starship NCC-1701 was a beautiful piece of engineering (model making) and you got a real sense of its internal structure. The props were excellent and totally believable. Everything was updated with new millenium technology and was faithful in essence to the original starship Enterprise.

Great Star Trek casting

The Star trek cast echoed the original characters accurately and much of the original humour between them was evident in their younger versions in this film. Uhuru's relationship with the young Spock was a surprise however the other characters reacted just as I would have expected. Chris Pine captured Captain Kirk brilliantly when he sat cross legged in his chair on the bridge. The inclusion of Leonard Nimoy as the old Spock provided a great connection with his younger self played by Zachary Quinto. The 17 year old Checkov couldn't have had a thicker Russian accent if he had tried nor Scotty a more Scotttish one.

Many a fond Star Trek memory returned from the original series particularly when McCoy referred to Spock as "a green blooded hobgobblin".

Great entertainment.

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