Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Are Blogs Worth The Effort?

Keyboard blogging
Is all the time and effort that we put into blogs really worth the effort? We have an initial surge of literary largesse with their first blogging experience but I wonder how many of the plaintive "Hello world" posts have actually been read by a human?

Does anyone ever benefit from blogs? Considering the sheer volume of information available on the Interent today the vast majority are unlikely to become compulsory reading material. Am I too cynical? I'm probably just tired of looking at the computer screen. Working on a computer has an addictive quality and I can be, as a friend recently pointed out, doggedly obsessive when I'm focussed on a project.

Blogs or bogs

I personally don't like the word blog. It sounds heavy and cumbersome - a bit of a downer. Blogs conjure up images of swamps and bogs. Uploading information to a blog seems a contradiction of terms. Dump seems more appropriate. Like some primordial tar pit into which things fall and are then preserved for millions of years. Hmm, it might not be such a bad metaphor after all?

There are millions of blogs in cyberspace and most will never be read except perhaps by family, friends and definitely robots. I guess that's not such a bad thing. After all only your mother could *really* care about what you had for breakfast on any given day.

I have discovered some blogs that strike a chord within me and I read them with great interest. I hope the Deco-Blog will strike a similar chord or two with readers at some stage.

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